Orphan House

In Puerta Abierta IAP we care children who need to fill the gaps left by their past life through a home that gives them a sense of belonging, support, love, support, discipline, attention. What it makes Puerta Abierta is precisely open the door to a second chance for a better tomorrow because we believe they deserve to grow healthy and with the possibility of creating a future without violence, forming whole and happy families.

All we know Puerta Abierta agree that home is not a home, it’s much more than that; Puerta Abierta is a family that covers all the basic needs of girls, an excellent education, support and encouragement you need to achieve your dreams but also gives them unconditional love, and that is how Puerta Abierta gives each child the opportunity to be part of a royal family; here the girls love each other, they support (fight and make up) as sisters; they know they have a home which will leave when they are ready to face the world as independent women.

Each child receives:

o Love and care of a tutor
o House bedroom or equipment to carry your daily life.
o Quality education in schools.
o Balanced supply and health care.
o Specialized care according to their needs (psychological, formal, sports, art, etc.)
o Volunteers accompanying daily.

We have:

o Family Care Model implemented over 10 years successfully.
o System administration and documented procedures in operation manuals (similar to a franchise) to replicate our model effectively.
o Land donated by the Municipality of Querétaro

To continue our mission to care for victims, we want to build at least two group homes for more girls. These will be managed more efficiently by economy of scales (having more homes operating under the same management system and operation) Would you like to help? We invite you to click on the section of donations there are many options to help!