I’d like to help

Your donations are very important for projects of care and prevention of violence continue to thrive … in this way you help Puerta Abierta girls continue to grow in a family environment and walking towards the construction of their life without risks . Yes!, a contribution means a change of life; and by giving, you always get more.

Puerta Abierta needs you; All donations made to this organization are intended for the maintenance and education of girls that form the Puerta Abierta family.; we have the hallmark of transparent and accountable institution that provides the CEMEFI and distinctive Triple C in spanish (confidence, responsibility and commitment) of the Government of the State of Queretaro; Additional, the patronage made up of women with the aim of helping girls become self-sufficient women, ensures that the accounts are administered in a transparent and organized manner in all its processes.

There are many ways to help, you can support us by:

1) Your authorization for charges to your credit card (either single or recurring donation)

2) A direct deposit in Banamex Branch 5058 4763

3) Electronic transfer to the CLABE 002680476300050582

4) Directly at the group home.

5) Buying gifts for cause

6) Participating in the various programs and fundraising events. Ask for them!

We are an Authorized Grantee by the SAT, so all your donations are tax deductible. Request your receipt!

We aim to replicate this model throughout Mexico, thereby creating more homes for those who need a little ordinary family. Are you interested in being a member of Puerta Abierta to replicate the model in other parts of Mexico? Please send an email to administracion@puerta-abierta.org or coordinacion@puerta-abierta.org

Together we can build many more projects of life for Mexican girls who need it!