Foster care residence

Providing a safe living space, with tutors who provide love and care. We raise girls with values and we fully strengthen them by providing:


Emotional development programs


Academical and professional development programs


Physical development programs


Social development programs

Our model generates a sense of belonging

it allows girls to develop personal and professional capacities until they are able to fully become independent and self-sufficient.

Rebuilding human rights and raising professional and self sufficient women by breaking domestic violence patterns.

Puerta Abierta I. A. P. is created with the conviction that domestic violence should not exist

And no child should be raised under violent and unsafe conditions. It was built on September 30th 2004, in the city of Querétaro, México. Following a model of careful attention in order to transform the lives of boys, girls and young adults which were separated from their families as a measure of prevention due to violent conditions.