Violence prevention

Based on out Paxia® model we raise boys, girls, teenagers and young adults as agents of change with tools to prevent and combat violence.

Educational intervention model

We work in schools, companies and communities throughout periodic sessions in which we mold our values and attitudes directed to a peaceful environment based on three main pillars.

The PAXIA® model is implemented throughout sessions in creative spaces by certified mediators.

Creative spaces

Peace culture

Values, attitudes and actions which fully reject violence and promote respect, as well as encouraging solidarity and equality.


Specialists in peace culture, which promote a collective experience, coordinate the activities, and ensure peaceful resolution during conflict within creative spaces.

PAXIA® formation

If you are interested in being part as a PAXIA® mediator, we encourage you to take the Violence Prevention Course (PAXIA®) imparted by Universidad Anáhuac campus Querétaro and The Universidad Mondragón.