Prevention Programs

In Puerta Abierta we know that attention is not enough, which is why we work from prevention; with this premise we create educational programs for parents, teachers and students for the welfare created to reduce violence and bullying and born #YOLO FEST.

What is #YOLO FEST? is an arts festival that seeks to create a youth movement for the welfare for eradicate violence and bullying. This festival opens a space for diverse cultural expressions and serve as a vehicle for young people to share and communicate their views; for this, each year we call young people from different schools to participate in the following categories:

o Photo

o illustration

o Short

o Music

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Continuing with our Puerta Abierta mission, we work in the care of children to become NO VIOLENT adults through our workshops against bullying, in May 2015 we certified the first school in Queretaro, also this year, we win the commitment announcement awarded by FUNDACIÓN
MERCED QUERETARO; for the development of our Model of Educational Intervention to Prevent Violence.

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